Wine & Dine

Gather around the table with our new 'Wine & Dine' package!

Enjoy passing around plates of delicious food, whilst enjoying your way through a great selection of bubbles, wine, beers, and cocktails, all for a set price.

For $85 per person, you and your friends can sit down for 90 minutes, enjoy a 3 course meal, and work your way through the selection of drinks we have to offer.

Don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry we have a non-alcoholic option for $75

Our Wine & Dine menu is designed to share, order a bunch of plates for the table and pass them around.

Each person gets;

  • 1 Small plate to share
  • 1 Medium plate to share
  • 1 Dessert

*For every 1 person after that you can add 1 dish per course.

Please click here to see the menu!

Please read this page carefully including the frequently asked questions, before emailing us, all the information you need is on here.

How to Make a Reservation

To reserve a Wine & Dine table, please select a Friday or Saturday, one of the available times, and make sure the Wine & Dine option appears on the next screen.

Due to our space being split over multiple floors, we have limited large tables available, so you may need to reserve multiple tables for your group.

The largest tables we can accommodate per seating are for 8, 10, and 12 people. We have plenty of other tables for 2 - 6 people available.

If the system does not allow you to book a table for your desired number of guests, please book 2-3 separate tables.

If the system does not allow you to select one table for your group size, and you have made multiple reservations, we cannot guarantee that your tables will be joined together or on the same floor. We will do our best to accommodate you, but unfortunately, due to our multiple split levels, we are limited in what we can do.


We host two sittings every Friday and Saturday. 

  • Friday - 5:30pm & 8pm
  • Saturday - 5:30pm & 8pm

Spots will be limited, so reservations are essential.

Please note that we only offer the Wine & Dine menu during those times. The package is not available at any other time.

The Details

Everyone on your table must partake in the Wine & Dine package. 

Each person can order:

  • 1 small plate to share
  • 1 medium plate to share
  • 1 dessert 
  • For every 1 person after that you can add 1 dish per course. 

‍Minimum 2 people and maximum 12. 

You can choose beverages from the set menu for 90 minutes from the time of your booking. 

Late arrivals do not incur a late start time.

Please click here to see the menu!

We will serve drinks to your table, and doubling up on drinks is not allowed. One drink per person at a time.

Coffee, meal additions, and other drinks are not included in the set package price. We will keep filtered drinking water flowing at all times.

We offer a safe space for our guests to consume alcohol responsibly in a managed and mature environment, but as hosts, we have a duty to follow certain policies, so please read the 'Important Information' section below.

Important Information

We practice responsible service of alcohol and have the right to refuse service to anyone in your party if they are not drinking responsibly, safely or sensibly.

No hens or stags do's allowed!

Late arrival does not mean a late start to your package. Your 90 minutes starts at your booking time, not when you arrive.

Doubling up on drinks is not allowed, so one drink at a time per person.

We want everyone to have fun, but we have full discretion on how often or how many drinks you are served and have the right to enforce this. We have strict liquor licensing laws to follow.

Pre-loading will not be tolerated, and guests arriving under the influence and/or intoxicated will be turned away.

We always comply with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and therefore enforce the responsible consumption of alcohol by all our guests. We offer non-alcoholic beverages and food at all times and will remove any intoxicated persons from the premises.

We always comply with our own Host Responsibility Policy, which can be found alongside our Liquor License and Food Grading Certificate at the entrance to our premises.


Frequently Asked Questions

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