Bubbles & Brunch

Brunch is great, but one with bubbles is better - our package includes delicious food, prosecco, mimosa’s and cocktails!  

For $60 per person you & your friends can sit down for 90 minutes, enjoy a main meal and choose from the selection of drinks we have to offer.

How to Make A Reservation

To reserve a Bubbles & Brunch table, please select a Saturday or Sunday, one of the times available and make sure the Bubbles & Brunch option shows on the next screen.

Due to our space we have limited large tables available, so you may need to reserve mulitple tables for your group.

The largest tables we can accommodate per seating is 9 and 11. We have plenty of other tables of 2, 4 and 6 available. If the system isn't allowing you to book a table at your desired amount, please book 2-3 separate tables.

Unfortunately due to our multiple areas, we cannot guarantee that your tables will be close to or beside each other.

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We host three sittings every weekend

Saturdays - 11am and 1pm.

Sundays - 11am.

Spots will be limited so reservations are essential.

Please note, we only host the Bubbles and Brunch menu on those times only. The package is not available at any other time.

The Details

Your choice of a meal and beverages from the set menu, for 90 minutes from the time of your booking. Late arrivals do not incur a late start time.

Please click here to see the menu!

We will serve drinks to your table and doubling up on drinks is not allowed. One drink per time per person.

Coffee, meal additions and other drinks aren't included in the set package price. We will keep filtered drinking water flowing at all times.

We offer a safe space for our guests to consume alcohol responsibly in a managed and mature environment but as hosts we have a duty to follow certain polices so please read the 'Important Information' section below. 

Not everyone at your booking has to select the Bubbles and Brunch package, someone can just select from the normal menu, meaning you only pay for what you order. All you need to do is inform your waitress of this when you order.

Booking Terms and Conditions

To confirm your booking, you will be asked to provide credit card details as security for reservations of the Bubbles & Brunch promotion.

In the event of a non-notified, non-arrival for your booking, a $60 per person charge will be applied to the credit card on file.

Nothing will be debited when you place your booking, however, we have the right to charge the booking guarantee amount per person for the following reasons:

- Late Cancellations (including late requests to reschedule or reduction in seating) within 24 hours prior to your booking

- Failure to Show Up (bookings are considered a no-show after 30 minutes)

Unfortunately, experience dictates that we must take this precaution. Nothing will be debited from your card, however, we do require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for any cancellations. Outside of this time frame, there is no charge

We will always show discretion and communicate with you regarding the reasons for your non-arrival.

Late arrival does not mean a late start to your 90 minutes. We have set times to help us offer a smooth service for everyone. Your 90 minutes starts at the time of your booking.

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully when making your reservation - By completing our booking form you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Important Information

We practice responsible service of alcohol and have the right to refuse service to anyone in your party if they are not drinking responsibly, safely or sensibly. 

No hens or stags do's!

Not everyone in your booking has to select the package. Guests can just order from the standard menu – please advise your waitress on the day.

Late arrival does not mean a late start to your brunch. Your 90 minutes starts at your booking time. Not when you arrive. 

Doubling up on drinks is not allowed so one drink at a time per person. 

We want everyone to have fun but we have full discretion on how often or how many drinks you are served and have the right to enforce this. We have strict liquor licensing laws to follow.

Pre-loading will not be tolerated and guests arriving under the influence and/or intoxicated will be turned away.

We always comply with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and therefore enforce the responsible consumption of alcohol by all our guests. We offer non-alcoholic beverages and food at all times and will remove any intoxicated persons from the premises.

We always comply with our own Host Responsibility Policy, which can be found alongside our Liquor License and Food Grading Certificate at the entrance to our premises.


Bubbles & Brunch Enquiry

To enquire about Bubbles & Brunch with Catalyst, please email us at: hello@catalystkitchen.co.nz or fill out the form below:

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