Catalyst Restaurant & Bar in Dunedin, New Zealand.Catalyst Restaurant & Bar in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Inspiring mindful eating &
conscious consuming.

Restaurant & Cafe in the heart of Dunedin

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

More than just another restaurant in Dunedin, Catalyst provides a welcoming space fostering mindful eating and conscious consuming, connecting people to real, wholesome food. Our mission is to be a catalyst for transforming habits and approaches to consumption by serving ethically farmed dishes at every meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

At Catalyst, stewardship is at the core of our ethos. We proudly source our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring freshness and supporting our community. Additionally, we support conservation by incorporating responsibly sourced wild game into our menu.

Beyond offering tasty food, we take pride in our eco-friendly practices. We collect food scraps, leftovers, napkins, and paper, sending them to a local lifestyle farm for composting. This initiative not only reduces waste but actively supports sustainable, self-sufficient farming practices within our community.

We believe in the power of small steps to make a significant impact. From breakfast to dinner, our efforts aim to reduce our environmental footprint while promoting a healthier lifestyle for all.

Progress > Perfection

Catalyst Shop

Stop by Catalyst to explore our diverse selection of take-home treats, including artisan breads, unique craft sauces, delicious cakes, and tasty slices – all made from scratch in our kitchen with the freshest ingredients.

Catalyst Seeded Loaf
Catalyst Spreads and Sauces
Catalyst Mixed Slice Box

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