Antipasto Box

$ 55.00 NZD
This Antipasto box offers a great selection of gluten-free crackers and dips. Perfect for afternoon tea or a special day. It also makes a great edible gift for friends and family. Pairs well with some local cheese or cured meats and some natural wine. (Feeds approx. 5 people)

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Vegan and Free From Gluten and Preservatives.

*Special Notes

Please be aware that while we make every attempt to ensure a low allergen environment we cannot guarantee against cross contamination.

Additional Information

This box contains:

  • Seed Crackers - 450grams 
  • Green Pesto- 200ml 
  • Sundried Tomato Pesto Rosso - 200ml
  • Mixed Pickles (Onion, Radish & Fennel) - 200ml
  • Miso Tahini - 200ml
  • Kimchi - 200ml 
  • Onion Relish - 200ml


Cracker Bag - This bag and sticker are home compostable, please cut into pieces and place in your home compost. 

Jars - Please clean and re-use these jars, or return to us to be reused.

The Box  - This box can be reused, composted, or recycled. 

The Tissue Paper - This paper is food safe, non-toxic, and home compostable, if you don’t have a compost this should be placed in your rubbish bin; it will break down quickly in landfill. 

The Wood Wool  - This is untreated wood, you can place this in your compost or use it in your fire. 

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